A Guide to Holiday Gift Guides

As the co-founder of a social gift recommendation startup, Present Bee, gifting is something I take seriously. Gift giving is wonderful and magical when you give that perfect gift – but the process of getting there is downright painful. So what helps you narrow down your gift selection? Gift guides! However, it seems like there’s such an exhausting plethora of holiday gift guides scattered in every type, color, shape and personality for every conceivable friend, relative or foe out there, that you need a guide to all the holiday gift guides out there! So here’s one gift guide to rule them all.

If the person you’re buying a gift for is into…



Art, Books & Culture:

Style, Beauty & Home:


Social Causes:

  • Kiva Gift Card, which Oprah recently chose as a 2010 holiday favorite, can be used to lend to anyone on Kiva, the online microlending site for global entrepreneurs.
  • Vittana loans that you can make for your friends helps sponsor the education of students in Mongolia, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua or Vietnam.
  • Kickstarter has some really interesting projects that can be city or category specific like this HOPE Art for Haitian refugees which you can contribute to for your friends and family.
  • Causes, the Facebook application founded by Sean Parker, has Causes Charity Gift Cards for $25 and $50 which can be allocated to any charity of the recipient’s choice.


With all these options out there, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to get the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you need more personalized input on your gift choices, check out Present Bee, where you can use your social network to make gift giving fun. ‘Tis definitely the season to make everyone jolly, so gift away!

This post originally appeared in TECH Cocktail.

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